How To Fix “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine” Error

So guys you will have this error in your systems if your windows is not genuine. Like if you are using some pirated windows. Although the window will work on your computer for some days but suddenly the system will give a blank screen and show this error which means that now you are not able to use the windows. Now the question arises why this error occurs and how the authorities knows that you are using the pirated version, the reason is that the there come an update which let the system know that you are using the pirated version and it give the error on trot. We will tell you how to fix this error for windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, 8.1 & Windows 10. So today we will let you know how to Fix This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine Error on your Windows Desktop.

This procedure does not convert not genuine Windows to genuine but it fix  the non-genuine windows without problems and updates. If you want complete features and updates, you must buy the genuine windows from the Window Store.


This Copy Of Windows is Not Genuine Error.

This copy of windows is not genuine Fix


The error occurs “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine” pop-ups every time, you turn on your PC. The whole procedure is of three main steps. Just follow the steps and make it happen soon.

Fix “Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine” Error:

The procedure takes three main steps . You just need to focus on all of these . The error will be removed after performing first two steps but it will pop up again if you don’t perform the third step. So step three is also important and necessary to permanently remove the error “Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine”.

First Step (Uninstall the Update KB971033):

First of all we have to uninstall the update ,the most recent update.The error occurs when you have an updated file which can detect your Windows OS. For that uninstall that file so that we can fix error with out the further interruption. Just follow the steps to delete the update.

Step 1. Open Control Panel.

Step 2. Click System & Security (not for the windows XP).

Step 3. Now click on Windows update. 

Step 4. Now Click on the View Installed updates located on the side list ((In windows 8 or 8.1 it is in the bottom corner).

Step 5. Uninstall the update named  KB971033 and Restart Your System. Thats it.

Second Step ( Use “SLMGR -REARM” OR “SLMGR /REARM” Command):

Now, you need to run a command known as SLMGR-REARM command in your computer to fix this error. Follow below steps carefully.Just follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Open the Command Prompt by typing cmd in the Start Search. One thing kept in mind that open the Command Prompt as an administrator (Right Click on cmd and select option Run as administrator).

Step 2. Enter this command on the command prompt SLMGR -REARM and Press Enter. If SLMGR -REARM doesn’t work type SLMGR /REARM and Enter. 

Step 3. Now Restart your computer and thats it . If you still getting this error “LGMR is not recognized as an internal or external command” follow the below steps.

Step 4. To fix this error, Open My Computer and Open C Drive now. Click on Windows folder, look for system32 folder and open it. Now, look for slmgr.vbs.REMOVEWAT (Or any extension of slmgr.vbs file). Just, renam this file to slmgr.vbs.

Step 5. Thats it !

Third Step (Disable auto-update):

This is very important step because if you didn’t perform this step then the error would again pop up again when your windows receives any new updates. So Disable the Auto-Update.

Step 1. Open the Control panel.

Step 2. Open System & Security.

Step 3. Turn Automatic Updates Off.

Step 4. Also Select Never Check For Updates. Thats it done.

So after performing these all steps you will now able to solve and fix the “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine ” Error. If you had follow all the steps as given in this article then you will be out of this error. Enjoy and stay tune for more errors.

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