Top 10 best Teamviewer Alternative Remote Desktop Software.

Basically Remote software is the Programme that enable users to be connected its desktop from anywhere through the desktop,laptop or personnel PC. It is the very well used software that is used on the professional levels, usually developers uses these software. Remote desktop access is an excellent way to expedite the deployments. It can be the feature of the desktop. You can interact or use the Program from any place . You don’t need to just use the one computer to open that desktop.Among these type of software TeamViewer is considered as the most reliable but we will provide you the feature and functional links for the Top 10 best Alternatives Teamviewer Remote Desktop Software. 

You can install them on your Linux, Mac, Windows and also Androids. Actually TeamViewer is lacking in security prospects, the reviews and experiences of the people are vary bad regarding this.You must have to configure the settings for Installing such software and it can cause severe Virus in your system if you will not do so! TeamViewer is being hacked from last many days and it is no more safe to use so we will provide you the List of the Top 10 Alternatives of the TeamViewer. Below is List of the  Top 10 best Remote Desktop Software other then Teamviewer. 

Top 10 best Teamveiwer Alternative Remote Desktop Softwares:

1. Mikogo(Free and Premium): 

Mikogo is the very simple and user friendly app that basically offers very fluent ,fast and secure solution fro online meetings,web,presentations,remote support,sales calls etc. Its high speed Software. Its screen sharing feature is good for online conferences and meetings . Files can also be shared through this App.Whatever is being  shown by the presenter can be viewed remotely by participants on their own screens. Its a free Software and Secure (as it offers AES encryption) and can be Upgrade according to your customization.

2. LogMeIn Pro(Paid):


Image result for LogMeIn Pro 300x300This is the main tool for the Desktops that have Window and Mac X as their Operating systems. You can Access the files from anywhere through LogMein pro. It’s also very helpful  if you need to access a computer to troubleshoot for someone. LogMeIn Pro provide secure remote desktop access to the host system from any browser, with greater versatility than standard Windows RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) sessions. The Pro version is not free ,available in just $ 46. It has also the printer feature in it which is definitely one of the uniqueness of the LogMein Pro.

3. WebEx(Free and Paid):

Image result for WebEx 300x300

Its the best if the alternative of the TeamViewer is being looked. WebEx is a very well designed interactive and scheduled Software that is the Remote Desktop App used on commercial bases and very useful. Its usually used on the workplaces and meetings. The business meetings can be best conducted by using this software and you can increase the number of participants because it has the large capacity for the participants. The Organizations with the large no of employees can use this software. It can also be used for the chatting purpose. Anytime you can share our screen control and it will be handled easily. Screen sharing is the best feature that it has. The software is free and also available in premium version that is paid. It is good for the Markup tools, Protected messages etc. It is also very helpful for the scheduling.

4. Splashtop(Paid):

Image result for Splashtop 300x300

Splashtop is the very useful and very reliable desktop remote software. Its one of the best alternative for the TeamViewer. Its a paid software. You can stream the audio and video which is one of the best feature of the Software. Files can also be shared in this. you just have to pay $1.99/month (Personal use) and $60/year for business use. The system is available for the Windows and  Mac. There is also an App available for the android. No buffer lacks in the streaming of the videos and audios. 5 Computers can share the streaming and files by this Software. Its a secured service, with a less  price makes it one of the best Teamviewer Alternatives.

5. Ultra VNC(Free):

Image result for Ultra VNC 300x300

It is another software which is fully Windows 8 compatible and bypasses routers with firewalls. Outstanding connectivity scheme of Anyplace Control allows to access PC anywhere without making tiresome network configurations. Its the free software and has very good feature of the Remote accessibility of background. Window based program is very effective. Just establish the link and enjoy. You can also transfer the files through this software.

6. Chrome Remote Desktop(Free):

Image result for Chrome Remote Desktop 300x300

So another Remote Desktop Software powered by the Google Chrome and is very effective. This can be installed on the Linux,Windows and Mac. It supports both spontaneous support and unattended access. It features are very useful as this is considered as one of the best Software. Its installation is quick and simple. It supports multiple monitors. You can also transfer the audio files. You can also use in full screen mode.Its a Free Software.

7. and Paid):

Image result for 300x300

Its a cloud based Software that connect the people of same concern over the same platform.It can be used for the organizational meetings, Seminars, Conferences etc. Its very simple to use ,the UI of the App is very guided. You can share your ideas very fluently. One of the feature is that it has no complex installations or expensive training, as it is hosted in cloud and ready to run upon implementation. No logins needed just on a single click you can be in an online meeting mode. It allows up to 10 participants and very secure platform for the remote desktop use. Its free for Basic VoIP, $15/month for Pro plan and $19/month for Enterprise programs with premium meetings and innovative management.

8. Windows Remote Desktop Connection(Free):

Image result for Windows Remote Desktop Connection 300x300

This Remote Desktop Software is some what a default program that is built in feature in the System, You just need to go to the settings and you can find there the activation option. it has the concerns with the System router so The PC’s router has to be routed to guide it. Its a free Software and has many good features like quick and complete access control on a distant PC, Easy to set up and already built into Microsoft Windows. The Software is already built into the Mac and Windows.

9. Ammyy Adminn(Free and paid):

Image result for Ammyy Admin 300x300

It is the software that is free for non-commercial applications and there are also  paid for Starters, Premium and Corporate. The App is very effective when it comes to system administration because the the administration of the program is set to a very good mode and very efficient too. It has the built-in text and voice chat functionalities. A proper guided and simple designed software in which you don’t need to put the extra effort just go to the website and use. Only window users can use. So for the window users its the matter of MB in just seconds you can get the software and start using for the live text chatting and voice chatting options too.

10. RealVNC(Free and paid):

Image result for RealVNC 300x300

The App is free for the personnel use and you have to pay if you are using it for organizational purpose. The Software is supported for the Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Windows, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi. It has an excellent trustworthy management. One thing that is best is that the Cross-platform remote management.There is Authentic VNC,Excellent benefits. The data is completely encrypted , File Transfer and Chats are the other features so overall it is not a bad option to use.

That’s all what we have provided you the best softwares that are the  Top 10 best Remote Desktop Softwares other then Teamviewer. These are the personal used Softwares that are very simple and easy to use . And they also give you best possible output. Just download them and Enjoy!

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