iPhone X first leaked video showing Instagram app issues.

iPhone X is on the verge of release. So we are going to see some hands on video, like this one soon. This is the first leaked video of iPhone X and we have the Instagram app running on this upcoming big boy. The issue we are seeing here is the Top Notch obstruction for the Insta app too. It would be hard for developers to design their apps according to quite a different screen orientation of the device. You can clearly see that the Instagram is not optimized for the notch yet. See the way the Instagram heading looks unaligned to the top.

The leaked video showing the Instagram app, appears to be a bit messy and have ain’t well coded yet. Do the developers designing the app for the upcoming Apple flagship will come up with any new Idea. Or the people have to adjust with this annoying top notch on the display. Some how its a poorly optimized app for an unreleased un-optimized phone, well, its quite easy to complain early. But it still looks poor.

It could be the Cons of the 1st gen of iPhone with different design, Following the current gen Android devices like LG G6/V30 or Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8 display design.

You can watch the video here

The most complaints are coming from people who complained about the alignment issues with the user interface on the Instagram, where the top-mounted typemark gets squished underneath the notch. Here are some comments of the designers on this video in Reddit.

“It’s because Instagram hard coded offset values into their app, something Apple told developers repeatedly not to do.”

— /u/ryankearney

“I have been making iPhone apps for 8 years now. Testing my app on iPhone X produces a handful of problems in Portrait and about a million problems in Landscape.”

— /u/zacwest

West goes on to say that there’s no preemptive or easy bridge to move all app elements into safe zones while still making it look okay.

“Day 1 iPhone X users are in for problems in most apps,” he concluded.

Credit: Reddit

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