How to fix “You are Not Authorized to Access The Site as per the Dot Compliance” for Android and Windows

As we all know and well aware of the error that occurs when we are trying to access the websites that are not allowed by the legal authorities,the error says You are Not Authorized to Access The Site as per the Dot Compliance. So we will tell you that how to fix this error. We will give you the proper step wise guides for the Windows as well as Androids devices that are easy to follow.

Actually these types of the websites infringe copyrights and also sell authorized online content,so the governments usually block these sites. There is easy way to access these types of Websites with the help of the VPN’s because they block your ISP from knowing your online activity. VPN hides your data by sending your web traffic to another secure location. These Proxies provide you the encrypted pathway. The ISP cant able to recognize your activity and you are not open to any ISP.


You are Not Authorized to Access The Site as per the Dot Compliance


There are many VPN that you can download from window stores or from the google store and they are easy to  download. In Chrome there is Hola VPN that is the extension to the Chrome.  

How to fix this error for the Android devices:

VPN for Android

Opera VPN or MasterVPN are the Apps for the Android. The VPN always help to hide your original identity and making it fake and passing through any shields or restrictions added by Government or other Internet service providers. Follow the steps to see how it is possible. Here i,ll tell you  the error fixing in the Opera VPN.

Step 1. Download the Opera VPN from here .

Step 2. Now enable the VPN by opening the App and select any foreign location.

Step 3. Let it connect by the server and after it is connected the Key Shaped icon on the status bar will be shown.

Step 4. Thats it !

How to fix this error for the Windows PC Browsers:

The browsers have their own extensions to unblock these websites. You can download extensions like Hola VPN and Master VPN. There is another tool called UltraSurf application that allows you to bypass firewalls and protect your identity.  

Step 1. Download the UltraStuff application here.

Step 2. Connect the App to the server.

Step 3, Thats it!

Hope you got this article helpful and you will get the very accurate response if you follow the steps properly and are able you unblock the websites that shows the error You are Not Authorized to Access The Site as per the Dot Compliance. 

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