How to Fix CompatTelRunner.exe High CPU and Disk Usage.

First of all I’ll tell you what is this functionality CompatTelRunner.exe . Its basically a computer process which upgrades the Computer to the latest OS version and it also carry the updation of the other services. The process also holds the accountability of the compatibility issues and collects program telemetry information if opted-in to the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.

The process KB2977759 is responsible for the Compatibility update for Windows 7 RTM . The process takes up the storage bandwidth that slows down the System and you will want to get rid of this thing and these exe files also takes a lot of memory Disk Usage.

Fix CompatTelRunner.exe High CPU and Disk Usage

The file CompatTelRunner.exe is located in the System32 folder and it will give an error Access is denied if you tried to modify and change it, its due to the fact that the folder is being owned by the TrustedInstaller  and you can’t delete and modify it. So we will provide you the 3 solutions to dealt with this issue.

CompatTelRunner.exe fix issue High CPU and Disk Usage


Solution 1: Take ownership of CompatTellRunner.exe, and delete:

So the first solution is that you take the ownership of the process and then delete the file according your own need because then you will be the administrator of the system. Just follow the steps,a very simple process.

Step 1. open the Start menu and type “compattelrunner.exe”. Right Click on it and Select “Open file location”.

Step 2. Now right click compattelrunner.exe and select Poperties. 

Step 3. Go the Security and Select Advance. 

Step 4. Click on Change.

Step 5. Now you have list among which select “account you are using” and Apply. 

Step 6. Now again right click compattelrunner.exe -> Properties -> Security ->Advance ->Permissions. 

Step 7. Now from the pop ups select account you are using”.

Step 8. Now Allow ->  Full Control ->  Apply .

Step 9. That’t it done.

Solution 2: Disable CompatTelTunner.exe from Task Scheduler:

Step 1. Type taskschd.msc” in the Run. Open Run by pressing  Windows Key + R. 

Step 2. Now Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Application Experience. 

Step 3. Now click on any of the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser and Disable. 

Solution 3: Repair Corrupt System Files:

In this process you just need to repair the missing / corrupt files if there is any. You just need to download the Reimage Plus and Run this file. If the files are corrupted and missing files and repair them.

I hope you find all these solutions good to work.These all are reliable and easy to attempt. Just follow the give steps and you will be able to Fix High CPU & Disk Usage by CompatTelRunner.exe. Keep tune for more solutions.

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