Top 10 Cryptocurrency Apps for Android and iOS 2017.

If you are the Cryptocurrency lover and you know about the cryptocurrency then we are providing you the top 10 best Cryptocurrency Apps for the Android and iOS . As these are the days of Coins Family like bitcoin and leocoin are all over the market and people are relying on this currency and getting much more advantage. In this article we are providing you the list of the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Apps for Android and iOS 2017.

Now what is the advantage of these Apps are that you can check the prices of the coins continuously. It is  not necessary  that you’ll be always on your Desktop and you just check the related stuff on your Mobile Devices by just installing these Apps on your Phones. These are the personal used Apps and i suggest you to use these and be the best and accurate in this field. You can Instantly check real-time prices of coins using these coins. These are all the Free Apps you don’t need to pay for these Apps, just Install them from the App store and enjoy. With these apps you can get real time trading rates and shares of BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, Ripple, NEM, Monero, ZCash etc. Some of the best Cryptocurrency quotes are here.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Apps for Android and iOS:

These are the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Apps for Android and iOS that are free just download them from the Google  Appstore and Apple Store.

1. Coinpaper:

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This is one of the best App for the Cryptocurrency traders. It provides the Live Crypto Price on a wallpaper. It provides you the graphs data that consist of data about many coins from which you have to select one and then see the data according to your concerned coin. You can also chose different colors. You can customize the App according to your own need and demands. CoinPaper App uses the CryptoCompare API. On initial bases only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin works on the App. Just try these you will enjoy.

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2. Coindesk:

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The App will provide you bitcoin and other cryptocurrency news and analysis, price charts, currency converter and price notifications. It will provide you the news that whats happenig in the world of cryptocurrency. You  can also check graphs, calculators, price notification and price charts of (Bitcoin & Ethereum) only as of now.

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3. CryptoTrader:

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The App has the Handy & clear chart optimized for mobile screens, Up-to-date real-time price data of digital coins and tokens ,Historical price data to analyze trends , Current order book and recent trades ,EMA and MACD indicators. The Apps provide you support for the following cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (Poloniex, Kraken, Okcoin), Ethereum (Poloniex, Kraken), Monero, Augur, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Iconomi .

Android Dowload 

4. Bonus – Zupcoin Bot:

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You can support upto 800+ COINS . Its basically not an App, it’s an ultimate cryptocurrency chat bot that lets you get the price of any coin in terms of any other coin on any exchange. You can get the prices of the Bonus on poloniex and you can also get the price detail by just typing the BTS USD. The Chat bot will provide you the calculations related data. There are many exchanges that you can see here.

5. PoloTracker:

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This App is basically based on the Poloniex API. This App is basically created for the poloniex users. They can control the currency matters there. You can see all the prices regarding poloniex. You can also ask for the candlestick chart. You can also see your currencies and its values in Bitcoin, euro, dollar and real.The supported currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stratis, Digibyte, Steem, etc. PoloTracker will also provide you the notifications .

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6. CoinCap:

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This is another well designed App that will give you the best results. It supports more than 600 coins. CoinCap allows 3 Altfolio where you can you select your coin values and track the statistics anytime. It will also notify you by setting the Alerts on your Mobile Phones.

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7. Blockfolio:

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This is another App that will provide you the data and information regarding all your investments. The App has very friendly user interface. It will alos provide you the notifications. The App will also tells you about news, graphs, charts. See some of the features for the Blockfolio.

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8. ACrypto:

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Another App that will surely worth Installing. personally used tha App and really enjoyed using it. Just track out your concerned prices for the coins. It has the features like  Bitcoin Price tracker,Watchlist of coins, Altcoin Tracker,Advanced Charts, Cryptoworld news, Bitcoin Arbitrage Price Tracker, Altcoin Price Alerts, and much more. You can get alerts from more than 1000 coins.

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9. Bitcoin Ticker Widget :

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This is an app which shows instant pricing of coins on the home screen itself. The app is simple and easy to use.It has the very easy and user friendly UI. The design and simple and easy to understand.You just have to  add a widget and setup for the coin which you would like to choose. Check out the market lists here.

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10. TabTrader:

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TabTrader is another platform to see the Cryptoworld prices and the rates of the coins. What is up and what is down just download the App ad you will be able to see that what is happening in the cryptocurrency trade. Track prices using technical indicators, drawing, and trading cryptocurrencies directly from charts.It will also send you the notifications.  It also provides you the newsfeed from Reddit, Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine and other cryptocurrency news sources. See some more features here on google App store.

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So that’s it . Hope you will get most out of it and get you favorite App soon. You will surely enjoy and get the taste  out of nothing. Just Install the Apps from the stores and Enjoy.

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